Simply Smooth is manufactured in the USA by a family owned company that strives to bring the finest and safest treatments and products for hair to the world market using the most pure and natural ingredients possible.
Simply Smooth is one of few keratin protein treatments available that does not contain ingredients from animals or artificial synthetics.Over long term usage these can cause the hair to become brittle, course and even break.
Through advanced technology Simply Smooth has created a patented pending formula. A rich blend of the highest quality keratin derived from botanicals and human hair which are completely compatible with our own hairs structure.These two types of keratin increase the performance of the keratin treatment by being able to work on the outside of the hairs structure as well as deep within the cuticle providing a better smoothing performance through a more gentle and natural healthier process.

Please note: The selected Simply Smooth Keratin Treatments available within New Zealand are all ‘Formaldehyde Free’ gentle temporary semi smoothing natural keratin treatments that will heal and strengthen your hair from within and are NOT  harsh permanent chemical straightening services. See the different Keratin treatments available for more information.

There are now 4 specific keratin treatments available in New Zealand within the Simply Smooth Collection designed to meet the needs and price levels for every client:

  1. Simply Smooth Original
  2. Mini Xpress Keratin by Simply Smooth
  3. Replenishing After Colour Lock
  4. Touch of Keratin ‘DIY’ by Simply Smooth
    (See Keratin Treatments available for more information, all made in USA)

Naturally with Simply Smooth Keratin

The Simply Smooth keratin formula is enriched with vitamins and moisturizers found in apple pulp,vanilla and botanicals in addition all the treatments available within the collection meets all requirements and standards to be certified ‘ Formaldehyde Free’. Simply Smooth has gone to great lengths to be able to provide stylists and clients a safe and non toxic keratin formula by testing and certifying each and every batch manufactured to guarantee a safe and natural keratin treatment.
(see FACTS sheet)

  Care for your Hair With Simply Smooth maintenance collection

Simply Smooth offers a complete comprehensive range of sodium chloride free purifiers, cleansers, conditioners, styling and finishing products suitable for all hair types,whether you have received a keratin treatment or not the results will speak for themselves.

Healthy shiny beautiful hair!

Rich with pure human and botanical keratin to help replenish and restore your hairs natural keratin levels and maximize the life time of the Simply Smooth treatments. (see Product Collection)