Everything You Should Know Before Getting Gel Manicure

Long story short, there’s something to the gel nails that they’ve become very popular. Now that the beauty industry is thriving, gel nails have managed to cement a strong reputation in the minds of millions of men and women globally. If you check out any salon, they’ll be offering this manicure for sure.

Everything You Should Know Before Getting Gel Manicure and Purchasing OPI Nail Gel

Because zero risk is involved with regards to nail chipping, you can sift through your bags to find the lipgloss or your phone without any reservations in mind. Even if it’s been several weeks post the application of gel nail, still your nails won’t come off.

Why Are Gel Nails so Popular?

Not to forget, gel nails are prepared with top-notch ingredients, thus, they make the nails tighter and stronger. This means they can withstand extreme temperatures and won’t wear off. Now that the OPI gel lacquer is all over the place, people are having fun using it. Even celebrities have started taking interest in gel nails because they won’t come off quick. Because all of us are busy with work and stuff, not many people have enough time to visit the salon every week.

While talking to any celebrity artist or a nail technician, you’ll come across the fact that OPI nail gel color is the best option out there. After all, they help in keeping your nails embellished all the time. Here we will discuss a few tips to make the most out of using gel manicures.

Some Tips for Using Gel Polish

Don’t Pick on Peeling Nail Polish

One of the most bizarre processes in the application of gel nails is when people start peeling off the chipping nails. Bear in mind, whilst doing it, you will eventually hurt yourself. Groom your nails before peeling them off. Rinsing them with hot water is one of the easiest ways to make the texture smooth and soft. On the contrary, peeling them off will take off the skin as well. If you continue with this habit, the width of your nails will eventually get thinner with time. If a good quality gel nail manicure is done, the texture won’t come off quick.

Limiting the Exposure to the Uv Lamp Is a Good Idea

Contrary to popular belief, it is a good idea to cut down on the exposure of your nails to the UV lamp. After all, the scorching heat of the UV lamp might damage the skin on your hands. The UV lamp might do good benefits in the beginning but too much exposure will be damaging. One of the leading reasons why UV lamps are in high demand is because the nail polish manicure is all over the place. Most people will start purchasing LED lamps that haven’t been designed for nails in reality. So don’t expose your nails to them.

Hot Baths Can Be Damaging

When you expose your nails to lifting, which is usually not welcomed in the first few weeks after application. No wonder, hot water is the worst enemy of any manicure out there. Even more so when the gel is concerned. Therefore, try to cut down on the time that you spend in the shower. If you have planned a weekend with friends out on the beach, try to postpone the plan for a few weeks. After all, nobody wants to get devastated seeing their recent gel nail manicure get destroyed. Or, if you have to go, try putting on the rubber gloves, as they will protect your nails.

Keep Your Nails Hydrated

All of us know the importance of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. After all, drinking plenty of H2O during the day will keep us healthy and protect us from various diseases. The same goes for nail health and the rest of the parts. When you go to sleep, water will do its magic and improve nail health. On the contrary, if you keep your skin dehydrated, it will be hard to rest assured about staying fit and healthy. Even the skin around the nails will be very dry. This will become an issue during the manicure process.

The Soaking-off Process Is a Bit Hard

While your manicure will stay concrete in its place for some time, the soaking off process might put you off for a while. When you leave your nails soaked in acetone, it causes them to dry. Additionally, when the foil will come off, the manicurist or the nail technician will have to carefully apply the gel nail. Thankfully, the properly cured gels are safe to remove. However, the improperly cured gels entail using proper tools to manage them. Now that this trend has grabbed the attention of many people, every nail technician knows how to do it the right way.


So what are your next plans for getting gel nail manicure? Regardless of what you have to say, it is important to weigh the pros and cons yourself. If you have any reservations about using gel OPI, talk to a nail technician. As a first time user, visit a professional nail salon to make the most out of your efforts. avoid doing it yourself, if you’re not good with manicures.