Distinctive Things to Know about Gelixir Gel Polish

Gel polish is a polish that firmly stays and lasts on nails for a week. When it comes to gel polish Gelixir is better than other gel polish. There are several myriad gel polishes in the salon to select for your nail care don’t be stressed, try one of the trending Gelixir gel polish hues to beautify your nails.

Gelixir gel polish is the most trending gel polish that needs an Ultraviolet lamp to cure. This gel polish has up to 200 different glowing colors that can be on nails for 14- 21 days without peeling or fading. With the use of an Ultraviolet lamp, this gel polish takes nothing less than a minute to dry up without damaging cuticles.

Distinctive Things to Know about Gelixir Gel Polish

The Gelixir polish doesn’t cost more than normal gel polish nail care but the result is more effective, it saves money and gives a sweet and adorable manicure. The Gelixir nail polish has a pleasant scent and is good for your natural nails.

Below are distinctive things about the gelixir gel polish.

More glows

It is unpleasant to have a peeled nail look after spending all time and money in the salon. The attribute of  Gelixir gel polish is the ability to resist chipping, provide superior glow and lasting wear. This gel polish doesn’t require nail care expert ideas before applying to the nails.


With Gelixir gel polish on your nails, you are safe to dip your hands into the water.

Absence of harmful chemicals

This gel polish doesn’t contain chemicals that can deteriorate the skin/ nails cuticle.

Easy to remove

This gel polish is easy to remove with a polish cleaner in less than a minute without taking your time and strength.

To apply gelixir gel polish simply cover your nail edges and apply the two slim Gelixir gel polish hues on the nail. Next, dry your nails under an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes to achieve the best results.

Application tips

Below are the expert application tips to follow to have a perfect, non- chipping/ peeling manicure.

Nail Preparatory

Firstly you must get rid of all previous polish and ridges to enable the polish to stay on the nail properly/ tightly. Ensure to free your nails from ridges before you open your gel polish. Use a buffing block to wipe all ridges or stains and nail polish remover to wipe off leftover/ old polish and other stains that can distract a perfect nail care look.


To make your nail care last for weeks without fading, you must apply a second base coat immediately after the second polish coat cures and also two days after you polish the nails. The base coat is an essential thing that increases the manicure lifespan and also protects the underlying polish from damage.

Gelixir gel polish color

Now you can choose and apply your desired Gelixir gel gently on the nail after wiping off all nail ridges and applying base coat on the nails.


The topcoat provides a beautiful smooth nail surface for the polish to stand. This tip must be considered by nail care professionals and individuals to prevent a rough polish look.

Ensures to apply the base coat, top coat and polish on all buffed nails area. Starting from the buffed nail top, tips, and raw edges. This helps to glue the nails to prevent water from entering the nails.

Extra tips

Consider the below guides to achieving a smooth manicure/ pedicure result.

Each coat curing durations

You must ensure that each applied coat cures before you apply another layer to enable your DIY Manicure to appear and stand like a professional version, follow this tip and set a minimum drying duration for each coat.

Coat thickness

You must not be in a hurry to apply the next coat, ensure to give much time in between the first coat and the next two thin coats to protect the polish from peeling or cracking.

Lastly, avoid electric buffing. You must not use an electric file to buff your nails when you want to apply gel polish on the nails, when the right buffing system is utilized you don’t need any electric file again.


To keep your nails healthy, you must ensure to remove the nails properly, do not peel gel nails but rather wipe them off in the salon with professional nail removal products that will calmly wipe off the gel with no harmful effects.

It is essential to deliberate on the best nail care product to use when opting for a manicure. Gelixir is secured and safe on nails. You get the best wanted and shining nail looks when you consider these tips and application procedures.

The basic things to know when deciding on which gel polish to use are durability and longevity. Unlike other gel polishes, Gelixir stood out to use a safe nail polish ingredient to prevent nails from peeling or cracking after applied. Choose Gelixir gel polish for your manicure and get stunning, perfect nail care.