Tips to Make Your Dip Powder Routine Simpler

Dip manicure was not that famous when it was first introduced sometime in the last decade of the 20th century. However, over time, people have realized its advantages. Today, dipping powder nails is the No 1 trend in fashion. You also have some excellent products.

Here are some marvelous tips that could simplify your dipping powder nail manicure routine and enable you to get beautiful nails.

Tips to Make Your Dip Powder Routine Simpler

Groom your nails well

Grooming your nails is essential because you need a clean surface to carry out a dip powder job. If you have any polish residue on your nails, it is advisable to use a non-acetone nail polish removing agent. Acetone can dehydrate your nails and skin.

A cuticle trimmer or scraper helps in nail growth. Buffing your nails is crucial as it files away the problematic areas and smoothens the nail.

Sanitizing your nails is a must

Like it or not, your dip powder nail manicure can harbor many bacteria if you do not take the necessary precautions. Sanitizing your nails with a solution containing alcohol can help in cleaning and dehydrating the nails. It prepares you for the nail dip manicure.

Apply the basecoat evenly

Take care when applying the basecoat. Take a thin brush and spread out the basecoat evenly over the nail. You should note not to apply thick coats as it can end up accumulating near the cuticle area. Do not use strokes as you use in nail polish applications. It is better to dot the area with the belly of the brush applicator. One should ensure to leave out a thin edge above the cuticle.

Dip your nail into the dipping powder container at a 45-degree angle

Use quality products like Kiara Sky powder nails for your nail manicure. Shake the container well before opening it. Push your finger into the dip powder at a 45-degree angle and roll your finger gently. Wait for about five seconds before removing it from the powder. Tap around your knuckles to let the excess powder fall back into the container. Wait for a minute to let the powder dry out. Use a nail brush for removing any extra powder sticking to your nail.

 Repeat the above two steps if you want a thicker coat

You can apply resin again over the entire nail and dip your finger again in to the bottle. Remove the excess powder sticking to your nails. Performing this step more than once ensures a thicker and stronger nail manicure job.

Apply the activator gel using a clean brush

Use a clean and sanitized brush to apply the activator gen. One should remember to use light strokes when doing so. Allow the initial coat to sit on the nail for about five to ten seconds. Apply a second coat and let it settle down beautifully.

Shape the nail edges

Use a sterilized grid file to smooth out the exposed nail edges. It also helps to give a perfect finish to the dip powder manicure. Filing the sides and edges ensures that the dip powder or the gel does not get beneath your exposed nails. There is no point in having uneven nails.

Apply the topcoat carefully

Use quality products to get the best Kiara Sky nails. Cheap products can end up looking smudgy and harm the nails, as well. You should allow your nails to dry for a couple of minutes after applying the topcoat.

Use cuticle oil to rub around the skin surrounding your nails. The best aspect of a dip powder nail manicure is that it does not need a UV lamp for drying the polish. The topcoat dries within a couple of minutes if you maintain your hands steady and sedentary.

Wash your hands to remove the dip powder odor

Washing your hands after a dip powder manicure is essential. It is better to use warm water, a medicated soap, and a good-quality nail brush. Do not rub your hands harshly as the polish might chip off. Pat your nails dry after the wash. Do not scrub your towel, as it can remove some of the polish and make your nails look ugly.

Maintain your nails for the next couple of weeks

Generally, a dip powder manicure lasts for three to four weeks comfortably. However, you might notice new nail growth around the cuticle area after a couple of weeks. You can consider a fill-up job if necessary. Generally, you might not need one.


Maintaining your nails is your responsibility. Please do not use roughly to damage or break them. Nothing can look uglier than a chipped nail. The best way to strengthen your nails is to massage cuticle oil every day.
Use high-quality nail polish like Kiara Sky dipping powder and other products to get the most beautiful nails on this planet.