How to Treat Damaged and Dry Hair Correctly?

Mainly it is seen people think they split ends as hair damage. However, it is even more than that. When you carefully notice the damaged hair, there is a crack from the outer side of the hair cuticle. This automatically causes dry, frizzy hair and breakage. In many individuals, it even results in hair loss. Mostly hair damage is a result of dead cells in your hair.

Treat Damaged and Dry Hair Correctly

Causes of Hair Damage

There can be different issues that can lead to hair damage and split ends.  In this article, we will talk about the causes that create the damaged hair and the solution to it.


Often it is found in individuals coloring their gray hair and trying local dye at their own house. As a result of this, the color does not last long, and chemicals present inside the dye starts affecting the hair quality.  Soon you will notice that your hair is turning dry and weak, especially at the end. Bleaching is also very harmful to your hair, although it helps to maintain the hair color for a long time.


Often air pollution and climate changes cause severe damage in your hair. Mostly the hair grows thin or dry. In this context, it is essential to know that harmful UVA/UVB rays also affects the texture of your hair. This mainly causes sweat and sticky dandruff, which can restrict the brightness of your hair. Many people feel itchiness and hair fall due to this reason.


Do you know that even damaged hair can be a result of hormonal disorder? Women dealing with PCOD finds hair fall. There are many hormonal conditions like this, which can destroy the hair growth and result in excess hair fall.

Hair experts and professionals have also suggested for re-growth of new hair trying the best dht blocker supplements are helpful. The DHT blocking shampoos and conditioners also helps individuals who are suffering from thin hair and protect the receding hairline problems effectively.


According to many experts, it is recommended that users apply light shades of color on the hair to cover up the grey hair.  Again dyeing less is also a better idea. You can always dye your hair after 9-10 weeks. In between coloring your hair, you can go with touch-ups.

Using best keratin shampoo to retain the moisture of the hair and color prevents damaged hair.

Hot water helps open the hair cuticles. Therefore using hot water during bathing can also protect your hair from falling unnecessarily.

Tips to Follow If You Are Suffering from Damaged Hair

If you are already suffering from less shine in your hair and dry/damaged hair, then the following tips will be useful for you;

Olive Oil Massage

You need to understand that damaged hair needs nourishment too. Olive oil is one of the best options to apply for getting moisturized hair cuticles in less time. Moreover, it reduces the chances of hair fall. In case you have colored your hair, then wait for 3-4 days and then apply olive oil overnight before shampooing the next morning.

Hair Cut

Trimming the ends of the hair, especially the split ends, will fetch you the healthy hair. Therefore, do not worry about the length of your hair. Go to a salon or at home; you can chop down the hair length for the betterment of your existing hair.

Avoid Heat

Stay away from heat equipment like dryers, curlers, and straighteners. Before going to any party, you can use it occasionally. However, if you use these tools less, it is better for your hair. Again, before using the dryer, you should always apply a thermal protective spray to reduce the chances of hair damage.

Damaged hair cannot be repaired easily; however, you can change the habit of your lifestyle to treat your hair better. You should concentrate more on oiling and conditioning your hair correctly. If you are still not getting the desired results, then visit a doctor.