Kiara Sky Dip Powder: A Must-have for Nail Lovers

Kiara Sky Dip Powders give flawless and time-saving techniques to do your nails quickly for any occasion. Their products are available in various colors that are often irresistible. The process of getting this done is easy, making it a good option for manicures from the comfort of your home. 

In the long run, you save the money you would have spent going to a nail salon for your gel polish or acrylic. You need not worry about inhaling dust, as you don’t have to deal with acrylics or exposure to UltraViolet (UV) rays which are peculiar to gel manicures. 

Dip powder is safe for your nails as it causes no harm or damage whatsoever to your nail beds. All you have to do is dip your nails into the powder and seal the color using a clear protective polish. 

This process is easy, causing the nails to dry instantly. If this process is done correctly, the outcome can stay for as long as four weeks on your nails. They don’t chip or break easily, as may often be seen with acrylic and gel manicures.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder has become a worldwide sensation of late, and there’s a reason for this. Dip powder is an innovative and captivating nail trend hitting the market that saves the wearer cost, time and energy.

UV/LED curing is not required in this process, yet it offers a flawless, classy matte or glossy finish on the natural nails and the tips of the artificial ones. Being a new nail technique, they have rivalled acrylic and gel manicures in versatility and longevity, with quick and easy application techniques. 

Compared to acrylic powder and their gel counterparts, Dip powder is a natural alternative, with no need for the monomer and no odour. Preferably, Kiara Sky dip powder is applied using a series of glazes that can be used as the traditional nail polish. 

Also, dip powder is filled with vitamins and calcium that improve your nails and strengthen, therefore promoting classy and long-lasting manicure for an extended period. They are void of chemicals, making it a healthy choice for you.

Like DND gel nail polish, Kiara sky dip powder gives the wearer a comfortable and lasting shine, with easy application and a smooth process of removal. The removal process involves soaking the manicure in acetone and wiping off excesses quickly. You don’t need professional drills or any assistance!

One of the significant benefits of Kiara sky dip powder is that it enables flexibility for the wearer and allows growing thin, tender naturals, seals off and protects the naturals. You can wear your beautiful manicures and not worry about damages to your nails. Quite amazing!

With Kiara nail supplies online, you can get healthy, durable and lightweight nails that last long using easy-to-use dip powders. The Kiara nail care system has over 124 colours that suit Kiara sky polish and other products that give users a wide range of colorful dip powder manicures to choose. 

Unlike most nail polishes, you need not worry about losing colours with Kiara Sky Dip powder. Bond glazes are provided for easy and stress-free application on your nails. 

Method of Application

1. Apply Bond to the entire nail surface and then apply a Basecoat to three-quarters of the nail.

2. Next, dip the nails into Natural powder.

3. Apply a Basecoat to the entire nail surface.

4. Dip the nails into any Kiara Sky color dip powder of your choice. Repeat the 3rd and 4th steps.

5. Apply a Basecoat to the nail and dip it into Clear powder immediately. Then, apply the Basecoat again and leave to air dry.

6. Apply a Seal to protect the nails. Smoothen and shape, then wash off your hands. Apply another layer of seal protector and wipe to clean. 

7. Apply a Top Coat and allow it to air dry for a minimum of two minutes before putting another layer of Top Coat to make it shine.

Kiara sky provides two dip systems, with all you need to get beautiful dip powder designs. You can quickly get any of these dip powder colours from the wide variety of colours they offer. 

In Kiara Sky dip kits, you can also see necessary glazes, with a brush saver and cuticle oil to keep your nail kit clean and free of cross-contamination. These items prevent discoloration, chipping and breaking. With Kiara sky dip powder, you get an easy use powder that offers a natural feel yet protects your natural nails.  


Having established the unique properties of Kiara Sky powder and the reasons why you should get one of these for yourself, your manicure routine just got more comfortable and more enjoyable.  It involves a hassle-free process, and you save money and time, and also allow you to apply your fresh manicures at home. After removal, your natural nails are preserved, healthier and grow.