Minimize Breakage While Shampooing, Brushing And Styling Your Hair

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The following information is designed to help give clients and professional stylists in-depth knowledge and understanding into the Simply Smooth Keratin Collection

Simply Smooth Keratin
Proudly made in USA

“Simply Smooth Keratin is texture management
through the art of keratin” 

Why Simply Smooth Keratin ?
Not all keratin’s are equal ,Simply Smooth Keratin is unique as it is a blend of keratin from human hair which is naturally more compatible with our own hairs structure together with botanical keratin found in the stems of seaweed and plants that gently work ‘with’ the hair to allow the hair to move naturally giving you the flexibility to wear your hair smooth, wavy or curly but above all making your hair so much easier to control and style with out the annoying frizz and puff that humidity can cause.

Styles last longer!
Simply Smooth keratin is combined with Apple Pulp for the healing and moisturizing benefits that also helps to minimize breakage while shampooing, brushing and styling your hair.Vitamin A,E,D and magnesium to promote ongoing nourishment and protection from free radicals within the environment.

Where other keratin treatments often use harsh chemicals to bond and preserve the keratin to the hair Simply Smooth has replaced these ingredients with Vanallin derived from the vanilla pod which is a natural food grade preservative also found in chocolate!
Vanallin helps the keratin within the Simply Smooth treatments to combine naturally in and around each strand of hair healing, strengthening and restoring the hair, creating beautiful smooth shiny health hair through a very natural process.Vanallin also helps the keratin treatments to last longer within the hair ultimately giving you beautiful healthy hair you can control and enjoy lasting 16+ weeks!

Superior Smoothness Greater Strength Unbelievable Shine !

Simply Smooth Keratin is tested and certified batch by batch to ensure consistent quality and to provide a safer and more gentle way to smooth hair blending the purist keratin’s and most natural ingredients possible.

Please note Simply Smooth Keratin is approved and certified by Intertek USA
To receive the Intertek seal of approval means that the manufacturers of Simply Smooth have reached and maintain very high standards that are required by the Cosmetic Ingredients Review (CIR) and Health Canada to be certified a ‘Formaldehyde Free’ keratin product.
See The Facts Sheet.

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Simply Smooth Keratin brings you

  • 5 different selected levels of professional in salon Keratin Treatments lasting up to 16+ weeks of smoothness depending on length of hair and frequency of shampoos. However when maintained with the Simply Smooth sodium chloride free maintenance system you may gain greater longevity with your desired keratin treatment! see product collection
  • A super quick keratin treatment to last just 1 shampoo click on Calm Balm your hair
  • Unique DIY take home ‘Touch of Keratin’ treatment lasting up to 14 shampoos!
  • 5 alternative time frames to complete in salon treatments
  • 5 different price levels to suit all clients needs

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Please note: The selected Simply Smooth Keratin Treatments available within New Zealand are all ‘Formaldehyde Free’ gentle temporary semi smoothing keratin treatments that will ultimately heal and strengthen your hair from within.

Simply Smooth keratin hair treatments are NOT permanent chemical straightening services.