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Kiara Sky Dip Powder: A Must-have for Nail Lovers

Kiara Sky Dip Powders give flawless and time-saving techniques to do your nails quickly for any occasion. Their products are available in various colors that are often irresistible. The process of getting this done is easy, making it a good option for manicures from the comfort of your home. 

In the long run, you save the money you would have spent going to a nail salon for your gel polish or acrylic. You need not worry about inhaling dust, as you don’t have to deal with acrylics or exposure to UltraViolet (UV) rays which are peculiar to gel manicures. 

Dip powder is safe for your nails as it causes no harm or damage whatsoever to your nail beds. All you have to do is dip your nails into the powder and seal the color using a clear protective polish. 

This process is easy, causing the nails to dry instantly. If this process is done correctly, the outcome can stay for as long as four weeks on your nails. They don’t chip or break easily, as may often be seen with acrylic and gel manicures.

Kiara Sky Dip Powder has become a worldwide sensation of late, and there’s a reason for this. Dip powder is an innovative and captivating nail trend hitting the market that saves the wearer cost, time and energy.

UV/LED curing is not required in this process, yet it offers a flawless, classy matte or glossy finish on the natural nails and the tips of the artificial ones. Being a new nail technique, they have rivalled acrylic and gel manicures in versatility and longevity, with quick and easy application techniques. 

Compared to acrylic powder and their gel counterparts, Dip powder is a natural alternative, with no need for the monomer and no odour. Preferably, Kiara Sky dip powder is applied using a series of glazes that can be used as the traditional nail polish. 

Also, dip powder is filled with vitamins and calcium that improve your nails and strengthen, therefore promoting classy and long-lasting manicure for an extended period. They are void of chemicals, making it a healthy choice for you.

Like DND gel nail polish, Kiara sky dip powder gives the wearer a comfortable and lasting shine, with easy application and a smooth process of removal. The removal process involves soaking the manicure in acetone and wiping off excesses quickly. You don’t need professional drills or any assistance!

One of the significant benefits of Kiara sky dip powder is that it enables flexibility for the wearer and allows growing thin, tender naturals, seals off and protects the naturals. You can wear your beautiful manicures and not worry about damages to your nails. Quite amazing!


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How to Treat Damaged and Dry Hair Correctly?

Mainly it is seen people think they split ends as hair damage. However, it is even more than that. When you carefully notice the damaged hair, there is a crack from the outer side of the hair cuticle. This automatically causes dry, frizzy hair and breakage. In many individuals, it even results in hair loss. Mostly hair damage is a result of dead cells in your hair.

Treat Damaged and Dry Hair Correctly

Causes of Hair Damage

There can be different issues that can lead to hair damage and split ends.  In this article, we will talk about the causes that create the damaged hair and the solution to it.


Often it is found in individuals coloring their gray hair and trying local dye at their own house. As a result of this, the color does not last long, and chemicals present inside the dye starts affecting the hair quality.  Soon you will notice that your hair is turning dry and weak, especially at the end. Bleaching is also very harmful to your hair, although it helps to maintain the hair color for a long time.


Often air pollution and climate changes cause severe damage in your hair. Mostly the hair grows thin or dry. In this context, it is essential to know that harmful UVA/UVB rays also affects the texture of your hair. This mainly causes sweat and sticky dandruff, which can restrict the brightness of your hair. Many people feel itchiness and hair fall due to this reason.


Do you know that even damaged hair can be a result of hormonal disorder? Women dealing with PCOD finds hair fall. There are many hormonal conditions like this, which can destroy the hair growth and result in excess hair fall.

Hair experts and professionals have also suggested for re-growth of new hair trying the best dht blocker supplements are helpful. The DHT blocking shampoos and conditioners also helps individuals who are suffering from thin hair and protect the receding hairline problems effectively.

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DIY Touch Of Keratin

Touch of keratin by Simply Smooth

As seen on The View TV show! 
Unique to Simply Smooth ‘Touch of keratin’ is a botanically blended DIY take home semi smoothing keratin treatment.

Touch of Keratin will leave your hair in beautiful condition with volume and amazing ongoing shine!, reducing frizz and puff for approximately 30 days or up to as many as 16 shampoos when used with the Simply Smooth take home maintenance sodium chloride free cleansers,conditioners, styling and finishing products that will continue to boost the keratin levels within the hairs structure. (See product collection)

This quick and easy spray on ,blow dry formula can be warmed into the hair with your regular domestic straighteners at a 210 degree temperature. You may shampoo the hair again as soon as 24 hours! after the keratin has rested and cured.


  • Purest botanical keratin / collagen blend
  • Convenient economical home use system
  • Spray on formula
  • Eliminates frizz up to 80%
  • Helps to fight against the effects of humidity
  • Reduces styling & drying time by 50%
  • Plumps up fine hair
  • Creates incredible hair shine 
  • Restores the hairs natural keratin levels
  • Requires a regular 210 degree straightening iron
  • Retail and Salon Product 
  • Share with your friends!
  • Available in 60ml size enough for approximately 2 to 4 treatments depending on the length and volume of your hair
  • Great for travel and special occasions
  • Made in USA

Touch of Keratin is a wonderful introduction to an in salon professional Simply Smooth Keratin Treatment where you can experience some of the benefits of what Simply Smooth pure keratin can do for your hair. Take Touch of keratin with you to your next hair appointment, most stylist will be happy to apply it for you for an additional charge which you will need to discuss during your consultation.Touch of Keratin can also be used to refresh and extend existing Simply Smooth and other brands of Keratin treatments


  • Cost conscious clients
  • Active busy lifestyles
  • Helps to repel chlorine,salt & perspiration
  • Helps to retain colour service
  • Everyone, every hair type even bleached!

Please note:
For tighter frizzier curls you may need a different level of Simply Smooths professional Keratin Treatment please discuss this with your stylist.

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Mini Keratin Treatment

A Mini Keratin Treatment for everyone!
Humidity buster using Simply Smooth’s After Colour Lock Formula 
By Simply Smooth

A Mini Keratin Treatment service can be achieved for everyone using Simply Smooth’s After Colour Lock formula ,it’s not just for those clients that have had a colour service. Perfect for rejuvenating hair that has been stressed and beaten up by the harsh sun, sea and sand.

The Mini Keratin treatment will replenish hair with pure keratin and collagen giving new life, vitality and an incredible on-going salon shine, ultimately making your hair more manageable by eliminating between 70% to 100% of frizz and puff (depending on your hair type)  making  smooth styles last longer, tame crazy curls and help fight against humidity!

The Mini Keratin treatment service will help to maintain a frizz free texture and semi tame curls for a minimum of 30 days.
When maintained with the Simply Smooth take home maintenance system the life of your treatment will be extended as the keratin levels will be constantly replenished. see Product Collection

A very simple and fast professional salon process, the hair is pre cleaned and purified, towel dried then the keratin treatment Simply Smooth’s After Colour Lock is sprayed throughout the hair evenly.
The hair is then blow dried 100% before running straighteners throughout the hair, section by section, which helps to seal in the goodness of the keratin and collagen.

Your Mini Keratin Treatment service will only take approximately 50 to 60 minutes to complete by your professional stylist dependent on the length and volume of your hair. 

Benefits of the treatment are:

  • Creates a humidity barrier, locking in moisture
  • Intensifies shine
  • Reduces curl 25% up to 50%
  • Magnifies color dimension & reflection
  • Repairs hairs integrity, elasticity, and heals split ends
  • Repels environmental build up such as chlorine and nicotine
  • Eliminates frizz and puff 70% to 100% (depending on hair type)
  • Suitable for all hair types even bleached!
  • Strengthens week fragile hair
  • Helps weak hair to grow past breakage points
  • Solves problem areas (unruly fringes / hair lines)
  • Lasts 30 days or can be longer dependent on aftercare and lifestyle
  • Shampoo after 24 hour formula

Professional Salon Service Only

Speak to your stylist during your consultation to see if Simply Smooth’s
Mini Keratin Treatment service using the After Colour Lock formula is suitable for your hair.To find a salon in your area please contact Simply Smooth Keratin NZ

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Minimize Breakage While Shampooing, Brushing And Styling Your Hair

Hello and welcome to the Simply Smooth Keratin web site
The following information is designed to help give clients and professional stylists in-depth knowledge and understanding into the Simply Smooth Keratin Collection

Simply Smooth Keratin
Proudly made in USA

“Simply Smooth Keratin is texture management
through the art of keratin” 

Why Simply Smooth Keratin ?
Not all keratin’s are equal ,Simply Smooth Keratin is unique as it is a blend of keratin from human hair which is naturally more compatible with our own hairs structure together with botanical keratin found in the stems of seaweed and plants that gently work ‘with’ the hair to allow the hair to move naturally giving you the flexibility to wear your hair smooth, wavy or curly but above all making your hair so much easier to control and style with out the annoying frizz and puff that humidity can cause.

Styles last longer!
Simply Smooth keratin is combined with Apple Pulp for the healing and moisturizing benefits that also helps to minimize breakage while shampooing, brushing and styling your hair.Vitamin A,E,D and magnesium to promote ongoing nourishment and protection from free radicals within the environment.

Where other keratin treatments often use harsh chemicals to bond and preserve the keratin to the hair Simply Smooth has replaced these ingredients with Vanallin derived from the vanilla pod which is a natural food grade preservative also found in chocolate!
Vanallin helps the keratin within the Simply Smooth treatments to combine naturally in and around each strand of hair healing, strengthening and restoring the hair, creating beautiful smooth shiny health hair through a very natural process.Vanallin also helps the keratin treatments to last longer within the hair ultimately giving you beautiful healthy hair you can control and enjoy lasting 16+ weeks!

Superior Smoothness Greater Strength Unbelievable Shine !

Simply Smooth Keratin is tested and certified batch by batch to ensure consistent quality and to provide a safer and more gentle way to smooth hair blending the purist keratin’s and most natural ingredients possible.

Please note Simply Smooth Keratin is approved and certified by Intertek USA
To receive the Intertek seal of approval means that the manufacturers of Simply Smooth have reached and maintain very high standards that are required by the Cosmetic Ingredients Review (CIR) and Health Canada to be certified a ‘Formaldehyde Free’ keratin product.
See The Facts Sheet.

Click to see more before and after photos!

Simply Smooth Keratin brings you

  • 5 different selected levels of professional in salon Keratin Treatments lasting up to 16+ weeks of smoothness depending on length of hair and frequency of shampoos. However when maintained with the Simply Smooth sodium chloride free maintenance system you may gain greater longevity with your desired keratin treatment! see product collection
  • A super quick keratin treatment to last just 1 shampoo click on Calm Balm your hair
  • Unique DIY take home ‘Touch of Keratin’ treatment lasting up to 14 shampoos!
  • 5 alternative time frames to complete in salon treatments
  • 5 different price levels to suit all clients needs

Click on Simply Smooth Keratin Treatments to see which treatment is best suited to your needs.

Please note: The selected Simply Smooth Keratin Treatments available within New Zealand are all ‘Formaldehyde Free’ gentle temporary semi smoothing keratin treatments that will ultimately heal and strengthen your hair from within.

Simply Smooth keratin hair treatments are NOT permanent chemical straightening services.   

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